Is This the Best World Championship Ever?

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I don’t know, but my gut says maybe!

Playing darts and watching darts are two separate things. I love playing darts I wake up I wanna play darts. When I was a kid I loved to watch darts, the characters like Bristow, Anderson and jockey. The atmosphere was amazing on telly. Perhaps watching Phil Taylor vs Mike Gregory in 1992 was my realisation I loved the game.

Phil Taylor Vs Mike Gregory
The Greatest Final?

I’ve watched games that make me pop with enthusiasm:

Phil Taylor vs Adrian Lewis at the GrandSlam is a game that is lodged in my memory, RVB vs MVG last 16 in 2016 was a great game, it also had a story the old master coming back against the new master.

The Dutch legends had a battle for the ages in 2016

What you maybe noticing is that these are just specific games in different tournaments. In most World Championships they maybe 1 or 2 games that have all the ingredients that makes a match epic, but I wouldn’t have called the overall Competition “Great”.

This year’s World Championship has spark my interest for the first time in a long time. To me there have been at least 10 games that had all the ingredients of an epic, Cullen Vs Humphries had it all the ending of that game was brutal to watch. As both struggled over the finishing line.

Cross vs Dobey has one of if not the best comebacks in recent memory, and the stats are crazy to read.

Heartache for Cullen
Cross, comeback of epic proportions

Even in the early rounds they have been shocks and performances that have been fantastic. Jim Williams’s run took a few headlines, add in Micheal Smiths disappointing end to his defence.

The obvious story and rightly so has been the rise of a phenomenon, Luke Littler. With each round, the interest in Luke and indeed this years World Championship overall has increased. Even people who not necessarily know a lot about darts know about this wonder-kid! Now to the mainstream news he’s “out of nowhere”, but to the readers of DW we knew of his talents. His dominance of the Modus Super Series shows what he could do. I personally know Luke Littler playing in the Swinton league, in Greater Manchester. You could see not only was he a good player, but a good lad. Very humble and down to earth!

Luke Littler enters the mainstream with his exploits.

Did anyone think he would be playing in the World Championship final this year? I can honestly say I didn’t. I know how good he is, his stats are incredible. He has a great support network behind him, but he has surpassed the high expectations of me and many others. I said before the world championships, a run to the quarterfinals, which is still unbelievable would be where Luke would get to.

There are 2 Lukes of this tale however. We have witnessed the quick rise to fame of one Luke, let’s look at the other Luke.

Luke Humphries rise has been witnessed over a longer time since his World Youth win in 2019 he has made marginal gains in the world rankings. 2023 has been his most successful year, winning 3 majors to add to his collection of European Tour wins from the previous year. His climb to the final has been more traditional. He’s been great to watch with explosive scoring power and a clutch of big finishes. He has a rounded game.

So all in all Luke vs Luke is something to Luke forward to. This has the potential to be the greatest final ever! I don’t say that lightly. This really could be one for the ages. That are both at the top of their game, that’s show this. You have the Cinderella story with Littler. The Crowning achievement for arguably the Player of 2023 in Humphries. This really could go all the way and all records could be broken for 180s and 100+ checkouts.

These two have met before in 2019

Luke vs Luke in 2019

I think this time however, there is more gravitas to the match.

So answering the question, is this the best world championships ever?

Luke at the evidence.


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