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Played eight, won eight that’s the record for Vine ‘A’ in the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League. The latest success for Vine ‘A’ was a 6-1 win away to Albion maintaining their two points lead over second in the table Allen’s Bar who won 5-2 away to middle of the table Ivy Bush.

Third and fourth placed Three Horseshoes and  Tamebridge are both on twelve points, four off the top after the former won 4-3 at Vine ‘B’ and the latter won by the same margin at Waggon and Horses. At the other end of the table there was a rare win for bottom placed and league newcomers this season King Arthur who had a 4-3 win away to Horseley Tavern ‘B’, this was King Arthur’s first win in eight games and their first in the league, however despite the win King Arthur remain at the foot of the table but now only trailing on average behind both Albion and Horseley Tavern ‘B’.

Full Results:Game 8:- Horseley Tavern ‘B’ 3 King Arthur 4, Ivy Bush 2 Allen’s Bar 5, Vine ‘B’ 3 Three Horseshores 4, Cottage Spring 4 Horse and Jockey 3, Albion 1 Vine ‘A’ 6, Waggon and Horses 3 Tamebridge 4, Sow and Pigs 3 Horseley Tavern’A’ 4.

The Sheldon and District Winter League have been involved in the quarter-finals of their Punchbowl and Sheldon Shield, first the Punchbowl which brought together premier league teams The Banbury Club and Langley Arrows. Banbury Club are currently fourth in the premier with fourteen points while their opponents Langley Arrows, with one more fixture to play have already been acclaimed champions with thirty points having won all fifteen of the fixtures. The result was a close but not surprising 4-3 win for Langley Arrows. Two of the other games played matched premier teams against division one sides with completely different outcomes as Sheldon Marlborough Arrows (premier league) won 4-3 against Willclare Sports and Social Club (division one) and Raven Arrows (premier league) lost 4-3 to Shirley Misfits (division one). The game between Iron Horse Rebels and Yardley Ex Colts was a late result.    

In the last four games for the Sheldon Shield, premier league team Highwood won 5-2 against Smithswood Social Club from division one. In the all division two game the divisional leaders Sheldon Marlborough Ridge squared up to second in the division Hornet and won 5-2. Division one leaders Brian’s Flights had a convincing 6-1 win over Maggies who are bottom of division one and second division’s Sheldon Marlborough Flights lost out 5-2 to Hollywood Social Club from the premier league.

Full Results: Punchbowl: Quarter-Finals:- The Banbury Club 3 Langley Arrows 4, Sheldon Marlborough Arrows 4 Willclare Sports and Social Club 3, Raven Arrows 3 Shirley Misfits 4, Iron Horse v Yardley Ex Colts was a late result, Sheldon Shield:Quarter-Finals:- Smithswood Social Club 2 Highwood 5, The Hornet 2 (Rob Wilson 11 darts game) Sheldon Marlborough Ridge 5, Brian’s Flights 6 Maggies 1, Sheldon Marlborough Flights 2 Hollywood Social Club 5.


Thurlestone lost their number three spot in the Kings Norton League when in game twelve they lost 4-3 playing away against Bourneville who were eighth in the league their win seeing them move up two places to sixth with fourteen points, two fewer than their opponents who are now placed fourth. League leaders Northfield had a 6-1 away win over Perfection, their twenty-two points two more than second placed Copper Fox who won 4-3 at home against Stirchley leaving them with a game in hand on Northfield but trailing on average. Bournebrook have replaced Thurlestone in third place after winning 5-2 at Coppice, they are on the same sixteen points as Thurlestone but with a superior average. A 5-2 home win over Longbridge has seen Rubery Social Club move up from seventh to fifth with fourteen points.

On the individual scene this week there were maximums for K.Astbury (Perfection) and J.Wood (Longbridge) while P.Taylor (Perfection) and R.Higgins (Rubery Social Club) were not far behind with respective scores of 174 and 171. Bourneville’s M.Collins recorded an eight darts game.

Full Results: Game 12:- Coppice 2 (A.Aindow 124, A.Ward 140, R.Packer 140, B.Heath 2×100, M.Mooney 100, J.Garghan 100,122, C.Jacques 116) Bournebrook 5 (C.Smith 100,100b,121, D.Collins 140, K.Mason 125, T.Jeffs 120b,140, J.Stringer 110), Perfection 1 (A.McGowan 138, P.Taylor 174, K.Astbury 180) Northfield 6 (M.Lloyd 140, A.Busby 100, R.Hitchmough 2×100, P.Draper 121, N.Procter 100), Dingle 5 (A.O’Sullivan 100b,120b, M.Poolton 127f, O.Fallon 120b) Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club 2 (D.Witcombe 120b, S.Corbett 100b), Copper Fox 4 (E.Simpson 2×100, G.Dews 140) Stirchley 3 (L.Rooney 114b,136, M.Welsh 121, L.Little 100, K.Underhill 105b, P.Lilley 100b), Rubery Social Club 5 (M.Cormell 100, J.Higgins 2×100, J.Ford 125, R.Higgins 171, A.Faulkner 100,133, P.Medicott 111) Longbridge 2 (D.Watts 100, C.Evans 100, J.Wood 180, J.Steward 100, S.Hockall 119), Bourneville 4 (M.Collins 100,105,122b,132,8 darts game, G.Carver 100b, A.Deeley 100, P.Smith 140, M.Ferriday 100, P.Garvey 120b) Thurlestone 3 (T.Garfield 2×100,140b,11 darts game, J.Downer 140, R.Waldron 100,140, A.Savage 2×100, C.Taylor 105), Kings Norton Flights 1 (A.Fenton 100, G.Saad 100, M.Hanley 140, M.Fisher 100, D.Willis 100) Cock Inn 6 (L.Fox 121, S.Cartwright 129,140, A.Vaughan 100,125,10 darts game, Joe Fox 100,118b).


On the fixture card for the Four Oaks and District League this week were round one game’s for both the Brian Goodman Cup and Ken Rust Cup. The Brian Goodman Cup matches produced a few shock results as division two leaders Heartlands beat their division one opponents Old Oscott Arrows 7-2, division three leaders Pint Pot Flights won 6-3 against their division two adversaries Erdington Arrows and Walmley CSC Flights from division two won 5-4 against division one outfit Old Horns Lions. The other game played was an all division one affaire in which Highcroft Hotdogs beat Beggars Bush 6-3.

The Ken Rust Cup produced a local derby between Rosey Mac’s Bar and Rosey Mac’s which saw the  6-3 result go in favour of Rosey Mac’s Bar. Charley’s Flights are currently bottom of division two but they handed out a 9-0 whitewash to their opponents St Tom Cats who are next to bottom of division three. Plough and Arrows (division two) had a 5-4 win over Sutton Sharks who are placed third in division three.

Full Results: Brian Goodman Cup: Round One:- Beggars Bush 3 (Alan Whitehouse 100, Des Shannon 123, Ryan Comiskey100) Highcroft Hotdogs 6 (Jack Alexander 138, Scott Alexander 140, Simon Shorthouse 100b, Jordan Alexander 116b, Leigh Dells 135,105b, Lee Shorthouse 100, Sid Pritchett 100), Erdington Arrows 3 (Geoff Hopkins 2x100b,100, Luke Cooksey 120b,120, Mark Phillips 112b) Pint Pot Flights 6 (Neil Napier 100, Andy Clarke 100, Ervin Stambollin 105b, Martin Phillips 102b), Heartlands 7 (John Frost 139, George Drennan 101, Matthew Cain 121,138, Ryan Cain 140, Alex Downes 100, Charlie Rogers 102, Gerry McCormack 125, Steven Cain 100) Old Oscott Arrows 2 (A.Page 100, C.Andrews 100, J.Purcell 140, P.Locke 100b,120b,100, D.Page 100), Walmley CSC Flights 5 (Joe Higgins 120b, Kris Green 115b,125,100, Ben Liggins 112b,100, Gary Fleetwood 100) Old Horns Lions 4 (Fred Naylor 100, Andy Kimberley 2×121, Tony O’Kereke 100), Ken Rust Cup:Round One:- Charley’s Flights 9 (Clive Austin 133, Rob Vann 116,140, Paul Nicholls 100, John Burdett 2×100, Martin Mills 101, Kevin Hewings 140, William Cadby 100,125,122f, Dean Bond 100, Adam Gough 100) St Tom Cats 0 (K.Coleman 100, Rob Davis 108), Rosey Mac’s Bar 6 (Andrew Colley 111b,138, Joseph Nolan 120b, Marm McCausland 112b,100) Rosey Mac’s 3 (Neil Bradley 120b,100, Mike Wilkins 112, Jack Cox 120, John Cox 109b,100), Sutton Sharks 4 (Chris Gardener 119, Dan Gardener 180, Michael Taylor 2×100) Plough and Arrows 5 (Danny Hughes 100, Kieran Gow 100). 

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Tyseley Bears and Cotterills Lane EBAHA Club took their unbeaten run in the Camp Hill League to three games when in turn they won 4-3 against Erdington Nomads and Clumsy Swan. Tyseley Bears are in pole position with a small two legs of average lead on Cotterills while third placed Wakefield Warriors are the only other team in the league to have won all of their games but they had a bye this week and have only played two fixtures so far.

Top individual performances this week came from Lee Lattimer (Tyseley Bears) who hit a maximum and Neil Parsonage (Cotterills Lane EBAHA Club) who recorded a 160 break.

Full Results: Game 3: Moseley Arms 4 Roost 3, Erdington Nomads 3 Tyseley Bears 4 (Lee Lattimer 180), Clumsy Swan 3 Cotterill’s Lane EBAHA Club 4 (Neil Parsonage 160b), Wakefield Warriors v Sedgemere Devil’s was postponed.

Game sixteen in the South West Birmingham Clubs League saw no changes in the top five places in the singles division with Longbridge United continuing to lead the field with a total of twenty-nine points after adding their latest 6-2 home win over Northfield Conservative Club ‘A’. Second placed West Heath CEM are five points behind Longbridge, their most recent fixture seeing them also win 6-2 as they accounted for their visitors Moseley All Services. A further three points short of West Heath is third in the table Northfield Town who won 5-3 playing away against Stirchley United while a 5-3 win at E57 leaves Northfield Conservative Club ‘B’ with one point fewer than Northfield Town and fourth in the table.

In the pre-match doubles division West Heath CEM top the table with 180 points, second placed Longbridge United continuously chipping away and reducing their lead as they are now just seven points behind them with 173 points.

Full Results: Game 16: Longbridge United 6 Northfield Conservative Club ‘A’ 2, West Heath CEM 6 Moseley All Services 2, Stirchley United 3 Northfield Town 5, Bournbrook 5 Bartley Green FC 3, Quarry Club 4 Perfection 4, E57 3 Northfield Conservative Club ‘B’ 5.

Due to Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ having a bye in game seventeen of the Netherton Thursday Night League they have dropped one place in the table to third on the same thirty-nine points and just one leg of average short of second placed Bulls Head who won 7-2 at Spring Meadow Pub. With maximums from both S.Passey and D.Edwards plus a 7-2 result against Hare and Hounds Old Liberal Club continue to head the table with a total of forty-two points, three more than the two teams just below them.

In addition to the two 180’s from Old Liberal Club players there was also a maximum score for J.Brookes (Spring Meadow Social) and H.Williams (Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘B’).

Full Results: Game 17: Spring Meadow Social 7 (J.Brookes 180) Plough and Harrow 2 (G.Hodgetts 120f), Hill and Cakemore Ex Serviceman’s Club 6 (T.Johnson 102b) Townsend Social Club 3, Spring Meadow Pub 2 Bulls Head 7, Old Liberal Club 7 (S.Passey 180, D.Edwards 180) Hare and Hounds 2, Netherton Sports and Social Club 3 Old Glasshouse 6, Olde Queens Head 1 Dudley Ex Servicemans’ Club ‘B’ 8 (H.Williams 180), Dudley Ex Servicemans’ Club ‘A’ had a bye.

A 3-2 home win over third in the league Gilbert’s Bar ‘B’ keeps Dog and Partridge top of the West Midlands Men’s Super League with a total of thirty-one points just one more than second and third placed Kings Head ‘A’ and Gilbert’s Bar ‘B’. Kings Head ‘A’ are the only team in the league with a perfect eight wins in their eight games the most recent being a 5-0 home success over Wednesbury British Legion. Fourth and fifth in the league Kings Head ‘B’ and Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club are both on twenty-nine points the latest fixtures seeing the former winning 4-1 against Corpus Christi and the latter having a closer 3-2 home win over Landywood.

Full Results: Game 8:- Dog and Partridge 3 Gilbert’s Bar ‘B’ 2, Cottage Spring 3 Three Crowns 2, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 3 Landywood 2, Kings Head ‘A’ 5 Wednesbury British Legion 0, Gilbert’s Bar ‘B’ 5 Junction ‘B’ 0, Kings Head ‘B’ 4 Corpus Christi 1, Staffordshire Knot 3 Junction ‘A’ 2, Shepwell Green 3 Chase Social 2.

In the West Midlands Ladies Super League Jacqueline Maiden added a 3-0 win over Grace Angell and 3-1 success against Jodie Rowlands to take her points tally at the top of the table to twenty-seven, giving her a lead of four points over her nearest rival Shellbie Simmons who is on the same twenty-three points as third placed Gemma Barrett, however Shellbie Simmons has a game in hand on both Barrett and Maiden.

Full Results: Grace Angell 3 Claire Hobbs 0, Julie Emery 3 Tara Simmons-Fullwood 2, Jodie Rowlands 3 Jacqui Simmons 2, Jacqueline Maiden 3 Grace Angell 0, Gemma Barrettt 3 Claire Hobbs 1, Gamme Barrett 3 Jacqui Simmons 1, Tara Simmons-Fullwood 3 Sam Rowley 0, Debbie Davies 3 Julie Emery 1, Jacqueline Maiden 3 Jodie Rowlands 1.

The latest round of fixtures in the Cradley Heath Tuesday Night League had no effect on the league table whatsoever with the top two teams Quarry Bank Liberal Club ‘A’ and Quarry Bank Liberal Club ‘B’ both winning 5-2 in turn against Quarry Bank Social Club ‘A’ and Quarry Bank Social Club ‘B’. The Liberal Club ‘A’ have twenty-four points and a lead of three over their local rivals Liberal Club ‘B’ who in turn are three to the good on third placed Plough who have a game in hand on the top two.

Full Results: Game 9:- Quarry Bank Social ‘B’ 2 Quarry Bank Liberal Club ‘B’ 5, Quarry Bank Liberal Club ‘A’ 5 Quarry Bank Social Club ‘A’ 2, Tenth Lock 3 Brickmakers Arms 4, Blackheath Liberal Club 1 Bulls Head 6, Plough had a bye.


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