Winmau Launch: A Totemic Tungsten Trio

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It’s always an exciting time when a major darts brand unveils their latest products. The recent trend of additional, smaller launches means players, fans and even we analysts, don’t have to wait a full year between shiny new kit! This time it’s the turn of Winmau, who have released three new sets for their sponsored players – Joe Cullen, Dennis Priestley and Danny Noppert.

Joe Cullen RS 1.0

The new RS 1.0 darts, the latest addition to the Joe Cullen range, appear to be a dart with an extremely high level of grip. A deep cut ring grip with alternating lateral grooves will feel razor sharp to touch, and appears to be a grip that will stand the test of time.

The centre of the barrel retains the traditional scallop, with a more aggressive ring grip than the darts released before them. A thin, yet wide-set cut will allow for a consistent hold and release – exactly what Cullen would have wanted from his latest darts.

Dennis Priestley 3-Zero

The Priestly 3-Zero darts have been released to commemorate his more than 30 years as World Champion, having won his second world title in 1994 at the start of the WDC (now PDC) story.

While retaining the original barrel shape, the 3-Zeros are an interesting take on the classic design, with the addition of a element-like grip towards the front, as well as a grey coating at the barrel’s centre. For those that throw in a similar style to Dennis, yet require more grip from the barrel, these may just be the solution to your problems.

Danny Noppert Signature Edition 2.0

These are perhaps the dart that interest me most. The Noppert S.E are a very similar barrel to his originals, yet with one major difference – the barrel essentially is one large scallop, with a style almost reminiscent of the ‘Lethal Magic’ range from Winmau’s sister company, Red Dragon Darts.

I’m intrigued to know if these are a dart ‘Noppie’ will take into competitive action, or whether these were an experiment to add variety and expand Winmau’s existing range of Danny Noppert branded products.

The fact they’re so similar to his original darts suggests to me that we may soon be seeing these in action in the next ProTour, or European Tour, where players frequently have freedom to experiment before the bigger televised events.


Images: PDC

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