The Tungsten Truth: Wim Predicts a Riot

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When I attend a darts event, I do so because I want to have a fun time and enjoy myself. Sadly, this does not seem to be the case for everyone. I recently one which featured two fights in less than an hour!

Apart from the fact these people may have been drinking something other than water, I can’t imagine why you would start a fight at a darts event. You are there to either have fun or win some money right, not to argue with anyone?

These fights seem to occur most at grassroots events. At the Development Tour the atmosphere seemed much more relaxed and positive. Probably because the security would already tell you and fighting in these professional events would have much bigger consequences?

Not only in real life people misbehave in the world of darts, the most toxic stuff seems to happen on social media. People are sending players vile abuse for absolutely no reason!

Luke Humphries got sent abuse for changing his walk-on song. Yes it might have been nice if he asked Kevin Painter but that’s not a reason to send him abuse!

The most abuse happens when people bet on darts and lose. Cam Crabtree showed the latest examples of this, but at this point we’re seeing players share this social media abuse every single week. When you bet on darts and someone loses you only have yourself to blame cause you’re the one who predicted the wrong result. 

And finally in the case of transgender players in women’s darts. No matter where you stand in this discussion, the amount of abuse and even death threats Noa-Lynn van Leuven has received is absolutely disgusting.

If you don’t agree with Noa-Lynn playing in the women’s events that is fine but to send her abuse when she’s only following the rules is unacceptable.

The same applies to the abuse of Deta Hedman. You can agree or disagree with Deta but to send abuse or, in some cases I’ve seen, literal racism is also utterly abhorrent.

In the end we’re all human beings with opinions and you can agree, disagree or agree to disagree. But to send abuse to people for having a different opinion or losing money is unacceptable.

So, if you can’t act like a normal human being or if you can’t stop fighting in a darts event, maybe darts is not your sport and you should try a contact one like boxing or wrestling and that’s The Tungsten Truth!


The Tungsten Truth appears periodically in Darts World Magazine, Darts World Extra or online. Do you have a strong view that you can make a good case for in around 350 words? If so, send your Tungsten Truth to

This TTT was penned for DW586 by our Dutch contributor Wim Blokpoel (@Wim_NL180), you can read his regular ‘Going Dutch’ piece in every issue and even catch up with his reports some major continental events.


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