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Continuity can be a rare thing nowadays. For a darts range to continue well after the initial release is unusual, with the majority discontinuing or ignoring older lines in order to bring out the next chapter to their range. 

Winmau are different in this regard, as they’ve taken to updating older ranges with new and unique styles of grip, taking ideas from the products already available, in order to develop a new and exciting product for consumers.

This proved true with an update to Winmau’s Sniper range, overhauling the older designs with a fresh coating, and a change in grip. Model 01 seemed ideal to review, owing to my love of a dart with a high level of grip. 

  • Product: Darts (Steel Tip)
  • Brand: Winmau
  • Model: Sniper SE
  • Variation: 01 (22g)
  • Material: 90% Tungsten (Part Onyx Coated)
  • Price: £58

According to Winmau, the Sniper S.E “delivers ultimate throwing pleasure through iconic aggressive profile twinned with streamlined dynamics, built for game that never ends.”

Initial Impressions:

In terms of the look of the barrel, the immediate difference is the coating. The plain tungsten barrel from the original Snipers has been replaced with a black PVD coated barrel, which enhances the grip as well as creates a striking, almost evil appearance. 

Both the rear and front of the barrel have been coated, as well as a partial coating on the grooves, whereas the taper of the barrel has been left silver.

The barrel shape is very unusual, and so the dart itself seems to have been targeted towards a very niche market. A short, wide dart with an extended taper – they’re certainly a unique barrel! 

Grip and feel:

Speaking of the grip… just wow. I’ve tried and tested an extremely wide range of barrels since I started writing reviews in 2019, and the Winmau Sniper Special Edition 01’s are, without a shadow of a doubt, the most extreme grip I’ve ever tried – so much so that I’m considering a variation of it for my next custom darts!

The grip consists of a thick cut ring grip, combined with buttress grooves to create a ‘pixel’ feel. The grip can really feel like it cuts into your hands – I was entirely confident that while using these, I’d never have a dart slip out of my hands! 

Just in front of the central grip is a secondary grip with a slightly more traditional style – a simple micro grip, with longitudinal grooves running around the barrel.

Set Up and Specifications:

The darts come in both 22g and 24g. They are 90% tungsten, and are weighted towards the front of the barrel, which is where the bulk of the grip is focused. The dimensions for the 22g set are 8.20mm x 43.30mm, while the only difference with the 24g set is the maximum width, which is 8.35mm, so a 0.15mm increase.

Tester Comments: 

The grip seems very severe at first but some of this is more looks than feel, I found a nice spot and they felt very secure and accurate..” ( Pub Player)

The slightly shorter barrel than many at this weight really suited me, so I really enjoyed throwing them…I did lengthen the set-up though” (Coach)

Surprisingly I loved throwing these without touching the extra aggressive grip. A light grip on the smooth and rear sections allowed a dropping motion that really worked well…


Sniper SE are a very distinctive dart and have clearly been designed and executed to within an inch of someone’s life! They can be thrown in many different way and might really suit if you’ve used, or are currently using a dart similar to the Winmau Simon Whitlock dart, or, the Sniper’s may be a range worth considering if you’re looking for more grip.

Value and availability:

The darts are available directly from Red Dragon Darts’ website, as well as most reputable retailers, including Darts World distributor DartsGB in Enfield, where I had an in-depth discussion about these darts just a few weeks ago! The Sniper S.E’s retail at £57.95 – if you’re interested in the original Sniper 1’s, they retail at £38.95.


Words: Joe Reid

Originally published in Darts World Magazine (Issue 586) grab your copy or a digital subscription

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