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Red Dragon Darts

Red Dragon are no strangers to releasing different styles of darts for their player team, and a perfect example of this is the Gerwyn Price Midnight Edition, which maintains the identity of The Iceman’s match darts, while opening the range up to a greater audience.

  • Products: Darts (Steel Tip)
  • Brand: Red Dragon
  • Model: Gerwyn Price Midnight
  • Variation: 23g
  • Material: 90% Tungsten
  • Price: £69.90

Early Impressions and Specifications:

The darts are a thinner barrel than consumers are used to when using darts from the Price range – the 23g have a width of 6.35mm, while the 25g have a width of 6.60mm. 

As for the length, both the 23g and 25g measure in at 50.80mm, which appears to be the new modern standard when it comes to a straight barrel dart. There is a soft tip variation available at 18g.

As with most darts in the Red Dragon Pro range, they are 90% tungsten.

The centre of the barrel, with the signature Gerwyn Price ‘V’ grip, is a nod back to his own match darts and creates a stunning visual, with the cuts being inlaid with the same blue titanium nitride coating as the shallower rings on the front and rear grip sections.

The grip itself is, as Red Dragon themselves describe it, a triple banked double ring grip. This means it is a simple ring grip, yet with alternating groove depth in between the rings to add nuance. 

The silver grooves appear to be cut deeper into the barrel, which will offer the player more grip, and the blue titanium nitride coated grooves appear shallower, offering less grip but greater longevity. 

This grip is replicated twice across the barrel, both towards the front and rear, opening the dart up to use by a greater variety of throwing styles.

Open The Box:

The Red Dragon Gerwyn Price Midnight edition arrive fitted with a 32mm plain black point, as well as a set of short Nitrotech Gerwyn Price shafts, and Gerwyn Price Hardcore standard flights. They are a striking looking model demanding quick assembling and testing. 

After only two throws the Midnights proved the special nature with a 180 pretty 180!

Tester Comments: 

Would you believe it a maximum with only my second throw….” ( Joe Reid)

Excellent variation on Price theme, especially if you’re a ‘Bristow barrel’ thrower.” ( DW Test team)

These had a surprisingly good feel. I got used to them very quickly indeed. I can see how these may work for anyone looking to upgrade especially from their early sets.”

Debbie Downers:

The taper of the barrel is rather bullnosed, which can lead to some rather severe deflections, as well as the rapid shredding of darts flights. Many players have gotten used to recent developments that minimise this.

I’d recommend swapping out the points for some of the fantastic tapered points offered by Winmau and Red Dragon, such as the Raptor GT points, in order to create greater flow between the point and barrel, and allowing the darts to glide past one another.


Red Dragon have delivered a Midnight Special for Gerwyn’s range and they are worth a go for a wide range of players who previously might not have looked at the Iceman’s weapons. 

If you’re used to a parallel dart and a snub nose these are a premium version with some real nuance and subtlety.  The multi site grip means they are usable by front and rear grippers alike. 

The Red Dragon Gerwyn Price Midnight edition retail at £69.90, and are available directly from the Red Dragon darts website.


Images: Darts World Magazine


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