The Dutch Open

Dutch Open Diary: Day 2

Defending champion Aileen de Graaf said to me she felt the pressure of being the defending champion and playing in front of the crowd all day...

Dutch Open Diary: Day 1

it took almost half an hour to park my car! And that was just a small indication of how extremely busy the tournament at the Bonte Wever was...

Dutch Open Proves Viewing Success

What an impressive total of 1,172,000 viewers tuning in to watch the TOTO Dutch Open final.

Dutch Open Diary – Day 3: The Winners

Van Peer kept his cool and defeated Baetens 3-1 in sets to win his first ever WDF seniors title

Duth Open Diary – Day 2: A Favourite Day

Dutch no.1 Aileen de Graaf had a straight forward win over Belgian’s Shana van Nieuwenhoven 4-1, while Beau Greaves averaged over 98 and smashed Aletta Wajer 4-0 to reach the...

Dutch Open Diary: Day 1

Our favourite Dutch Contributor Wim Blokpoel is once more enjoying the Dutch Open weekend. Partly as a diarist, player, and party-goer: Today was the start...

Shaun Greatbatch 11th July 1969 – June 5th, 2022

Darts World remembers that Shaun was a lovely gentle person “who’s only malice was in his walk-on tune”

Dutch Open Diary: Final Flourish

The doors were opened, I walked inside the venue and I saw a massive crowd, in front of a big stage. The WDF might...

Dutch Open Diary: Finals Day (Pt I)

Sunday at the Dutch Open means finals day. But before that, there was plenty of action as the men's event continued from the last...

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