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For The Ages

Just as darts begins to, once more, worship at the alter of youth, featuring he remarkable rise of 17-year old Luke Littler, other sports seem to be focusing on the opposite end of the spectrum......

Cheapest Premier League Clubs For Fans

To decide which clubs should make the list, all usual expenses of football fans were taken into consideration,

Dirtiest Premier League Teams

The research ranked the 12 teams that have been ever-present in the Premier League since the start of the 2018/19 season, allocating them an average disciplinary score per game. ..

The Fantasy Premier League Obsessed

Chester tops the rankings for the most Fantasy Premier League obsessed UK city 

Tungsten Warriors Still Not in Wimbledon Stars Financial Division

Recent tables have estimated that the top ten players have already earned over £2 million during their careers. However, the 'tungsten tusslers' have along way to go before they can compete with the court stars currently in SW1

Price Popularity Dwarfed By Premier League Stars

Kane is the only Spurs player to make the top 20. He is the most-searched player in cities such as London, Brighton, Portsmouth, and Southampton.

Six of The Best: Dominance

Rafael Nadal kicked off the month of June by winning a14th French Open title...Darts, however, has an event dominance expert of its own.

Captains Fantastic

Britain has seen some of the world's greatest sporting captains, many filling those trophy cabinets to the brim. Darts World's own JR Lott has added a couple of names familiar to those who follow our sport!

Six of the Best: Older and Wiser?

Ronnie O’Sullivan has won his seventh Snooker World Championship...also earns ‘The Rocket’ the honour of being the oldest snooker world champion...How does this remarkable effort compare to those achieved in darts or other popular sports in their modern era?

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