Choose Your Extras: Point Changer

A re-pointer is now a must-have for any and all darts players, and the 'Harrows Easy Re-Pointer' is a great start.

Light Touch – The Torus 100

Released in the Mission Autumn 2021 launch, the Torus 100 is designed to be a portable lighting system, as opposed to a fixed home lighting system such as the Torus 270.

HexaTarget: Simple Entertaining and Effective.

"If you are a rhythmic, trust type player and are willing to really pile in the work these are could be a huge asset."

Swiss Point System – Change Your Points in Under 1 Minute.

If it is introduced to a wider range of models as quickly as possible, and not over-priced, we predict very high demand....

Red Dragon Raptor (GT)- ‘The SnapShot’ Review.

First impressions, and initial testing, reveal raptor to be an exceptional product, that raises the bar for modern points. The problems of over flexibility, breakability and clumsiness that affect some complex, or collared, points are solved in one go.

Nitro Blasts Rivals in Testing.

Red Dragon's Nitro stem came out top of the heap recently after being subjected to independent testing. Overall, players of differing styles and standards,...

Winmau Get to the Point with FreeFlo.

Several months ago, whilst on a visit to Winmau HQ, A.I.M were assisting a major finalist in redesigning his dart. We had a number...

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