Cheapest Premier League Clubs For Fans

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New data has revealed the top ten most affordable Premier League clubs for football fans.  

The research, analysed various costs of attending football matches in the UK. This includes, but is not limited to, the cheapest available season tickets and the average price of a home football shirt.  

The Top 10 (Cheapest Premier League clubs for fans)

  • Burnley is the least expensive Premier League club to be a fan of, according to new findings.
  • West Ham United, Sheffield United, Brentford and Wolverhampton Wanderers round out the top five. 
  • The study analysed various costs associated with attending football matches, including the price of season tickets, transport and more.

Burnley comes out on top as the cheapest club to be a fan of. Based in the North West of England, this football club has the lowest costs associated with being a fan, including the most affordable price for both an official home t-shirt at £55 and an average overnight hotel for two adults at £91.72.  

West Ham United takes the silver medal. If fans wanted to buy season tickets at London Stadium based in Stratford, it would cost only £310. This is the most inexpensive season ticket of any Premier League club.  

Sheffield United is the third most affordable Premier League club for football fans. The stadium, Bramhall Lane, is located just on the outskirts of Sheffield’s city centre; Transport in this area is the sixth cheapest, with taxis having a standard fare of £14.40 on a standard tariff. The average price of a one-night stay for two adults is also the fifth cheapest at £148.42.  

In fourth place is Brentford. Based in West London, Gtech Community Stadium has season tickets available for £419; the third lowest price of any Premier League club, tying for bronze with Sheffield United. Brentford also has the fourth least expensive official home football t-shirt at £60.  

In fifth place is the Wolverhampton Wanderers. Based in the West Midlands, taxis are the second least expensive for fans, with standard costs being £12 on a normal tariff. A one-night hotel stay for two adults also averages at £119.29, the second cheapest in the Premier League.  

Nottingham Forest is the sixth cheapest Premier League club to be a fan of. This is followed by Newcastle United in seventh place, Luton Town in eighth place and Manchester City in ninth place. Crystal Palace rounds out the top ten cheapest Premier League clubs for fans.  

Zigmas Pekarskas, CEO of Smart Betting Guide, comments on the study: “The Premier League is the most popular sports tournament in the world. As a landmark of Great British history stretching back to the 19th century, it’s no surprise that over 4.7 billion people tune in to watch the exhilarating 38 matches.  

“Burnley takes the crown. They are accompanied by other clubs in the North of England – Sheffield, Newcastle United and Manchester City – although it is interesting to see multiple London-based clubs in the top ten – West Ham United, Luton Town and Crystal Palace – as the South is usually associated with higher costs for transport, hotels and food.” 

Table: The top ten cheapest Premier League clubs to be a fan of 

RankName of Premier League Clubs Premier League Stadiums Average Cost of Hotels  Cheapest Season Tickets  Standard Cost of Taxis  Average Cost of 0.5L Beer Average Cost of McDonald’s Meal  Average Cost of Football Home Shirt  
1 Burnley Turf Moor £91.72 £335 £12 £2.5 £5.5 £55 
2 West Ham United London Stadium £181.1 £310 £28.8 £6 £8 £75 
3 Sheffield United Bramall Lane £148.42 £419 £14.4 £4 £7 £55 
4 Brentford Gtech Community Stadium £168.3 £419 £28.8 £6 £8 £60 
5 Wolverhampton Wanderers Molineux Stadium £119.29 £525 £12 £2.75 £6 £60 
6 Nottingham Forest  The City Ground £162.09 £465 £15 £4 £6 £75 
7 Newcastle United St. James’ Park £196.08 £438 £16.2 £3.7 £6.5 £70 
8 Luton Town Kenilworth Road £143.49 £510 £9 £3.5 £6 £59 
9 Manchester City Etihad Stadium £266.36 £385 £18.6 £5 £6.89 £75 
10 Crystal Palace Selhurst Park £131.01 £545 £28.8 £4 £5.35 £60 

“This study,conducted by betting experts Smart Betting Guide, reveals the top ten least expensive clubs to be a fan of.

To decide which clubs should make the list, all usual expenses of football fans were taken into consideration, from season tickets to football shirts and overnight stays for those seeing matches in other cities. All elements of the day were also considered.” 


Smart Betting Guide is a reliable source of professional bookmakers’ reviews.

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