Phil Taylor Exclusive: “I Can’t Compete Anymore…”

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ON the eve of the latest World Seniors Darts Tour event, The Champions of Champions, in Phil Taylor’s favourite turf, Blackpool Jack Martin caught up with the Stoke on Trent Legend and managed to ask a few exclusive questions for Darts World:

The 16-time World champion retired from elite PDC competition in 2018 in his late 50s and has certainly changed pace from the hectic travel, practice, compete – repeat lifestyle of the modern dart professional.


What’s your life like now?

“I’ll wake up about seven o’clock and I’ll put on the television. I’ll watch a series, it could be Netflix or ITV. Then I’ll get up about 10. Do the house chores. Let the dog out. Do a bit of shopping. Next thing you know it’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon. I’ll practice then for an hour. Sometimes I’ll go to bed around seven or half seven. I’m getting boring.”

Family life also seems to have become a more closely focused element these days with Phil’s grandson even proving a useful practice partner since his return to the World Seniors in 2022. Although not the unmitigated disaster of a comeback that has befallen other sporting legends – remember Bjorn Borg?- it’s probably fair to say it wasn’t quite the success many would have hoped.

Why have you decided to retire from the senior tour? 

It’s the right time. I can’t compete anymore. My right hip is gone. I’ll be 64 when I retire. It’s enough. I’m enjoying my life now. I’m with my grandkids all the time. I missed my own kids growing up when I was competing. I was just making them a good living. 

I rent out properties. I’m enjoying being at home and not sitting on hotel beds all day. Robbie Williams’ dad, Pete, who lives in one of my bungalows, once said to me, ‘You’ll wake up one day and tell yourself that’s enough now.’ He was right.”

If ever there was game to push the pain and the sluggish form from The power’s mind it would be tackling former BDO standard bearer Martin Adams in Blackpool. The quarter finals of this quickfire, high quality event offer up four fabulous treats but the above is surely the highlight. Could it spur Phil on to one more effort?

Moving on from the seniors we were keen to try to solve the puzzle of why no one has dominated the game quite like The Power since his retirement. Let’s just ask him straight out!

Why were you so good at your peak? 

“I miss being competitive. I was 100% concentrated at my best. That’s why nobody could live with me…..

You can catch the rest of Phil’s answer and more of Jack’s exclusive interview with the 16-Time World Champion in the upcoming issue of Darts World Extra – Free and available from March 29th here


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