El Diablo!

Red Dragon Darts

A non player set from a 2023 Winmau Launch, the Diablo range certainly caught the eye of many, with a striking red and black barrel and aggressive-looking style of grip.

  • Product: Darts ( Steel Tip)
  • Brand: Winmau
  • Model: Diablo (1 & 2)
  • Variation: 23 and 26g
  • Material: 90% Tungsten
  • Price: £39.90
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Despite a relatively standard design and barrel layout, with the longer front grip profile accompanying a shortened grip towards the rear, the darts still retain a sense of uniqueness. Winmau claims the ‘Diablo’s sleek styling is ultra-modern with exceptional grip control’ – I’ll be putting that to the test, in an effort to see just how ‘exceptional’ these darts really are.

I also noted the width. They’re… a handful, despite being a 90% tungsten barrel. The 22g’s, as well as the 18g soft tip version, are 6.35mm in width, however as the weight increases, as does the barrel width. The 23g are 6.45mm, the 24g are 6.60mm and the 25g are 6.85mm. All five are 50.80mm. 

While a basic design, for me the stand-out feature of the Diablo’s is the grip. The even-flow double ring grip offers an extremely high level of grip, and due to the thicker barrel, the grooves have been cut deeper to maximise the potential these darts offer.

They throw nicely and suit those who demand a higher grip, and may be handy if you already throw a ‘Bristow’ barrel and feel the need to move up a level or two.

While Joe was busy with the parallel edition of this dart (Diablo 2) we were testing a long held interest in a 26g torpedo dart. Diablo 1 may also be useful for a player thinking of making a change. 

The middle section grip is reminiscent of some of those darts that have made this shape – and weight – legendary, although its closer to the more recent torpedo style than the earlier phases.

Testers found this an easy dart to find a way to throw, although we suspect rear grippers may be wary of the smooth stem area.

If you have a technique where you almost drop the dart then these may well suit you. They are superbly balanced and work well with a variety of set-ups. More direct styles can work well but take a little adjustment and juggling to find the optimal method.

Summary and Value:

There is no devil in the detail here! Overall the Diablo are a really interesting middle range pair of barrel designs that have something for all throwers and are especially good if you are serious about making a change to your game but are yet to make a decision about exact shape and grip. For a little short of £40 you get a top line premier grip and beautifully balanced dart.


Words: Joe Reid & AIM180

Images: Winmau/ Red Dragon

Grab the current print Issue 584 here  or a 50th Anniversary Darts World bundle 581 here 

The Darts World 50 limited edition dart set is available to order (Here) in your choice of pack


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